MW (2019) AFK Bot XP Modded Lobby 1 Game (XB1,PS4,PC)

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Hello this listing is for 1 game in the AFK Bots XP Lobby on Xbox 1, PlayStation 4, and PC.

ALL USERS can now join and play in the lobby themselves!

i have had 0% bans on all products since each of them launched!

Average is 100 - 400 kills per game, for most it will be 100 - 200 but i have came across a few pro's that are really good that can hit above 400 kills! All you do is join my lobby we get in a game really fast, you grab your flag, I’ll grab the other sides flag, we leave b flag alone and run to the other side to start killing! There are about 3-4 spawn locations on both sides of any given map!

i can do any game mode you’d like, but usually it is domination HC or Regular.

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